Meridian Cotton - Antique Rose


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A beautiful creamy rose blush, with a mauve undertone.

Our luxurious Meridian Cotton is the finest, softest, butteriest cotton out there.  These fibers will make you want to wrap yourself up in your creations!

The individual cotton fibers that comprise our Meridian Cotton rope and string are flatter and sleeker, with less "fluff" than our other lines.  This is what gives the rope its strength and silkiness.  It allows for easier combing out with less flying fuzz, but it has less density than our Supersoft Cotton, resulting in a lighter, more delicate look and feel.

**A note about 3 ply rope: Due to the extremely soft nature of this fiber, some rolls have a softer twist and at first glance might look almost like string.  You'll find it expands a bit after you cut it, and the rope texture comes through as you work with it. The ends will unwind with that ultra-desirable wavy curl.

Each roll is 1 kg (2.2 lbs).

3 mm string:  ~1050 ft

5 mm string: ~650 ft

9 mm string: ~325 ft

4 mm 3-ply rope: ~450 ft