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Meridian Cotton is our finest, most luxurious cotton string and rope, available in 3mm, 5 mm and 9 mm single twist string, and 4 mm 3-ply rope.  We scoured the earth looking for premium cotton with a distinctive quality so clear, you can even see it in the photos.  And the best part -- it's priced the same as our Supersoft line, so you don't even have to compromise.  All of our rope lines are Oeko Tex certified  

The individual cotton fibers that comprise our Meridian Cotton rope and string are flatter and sleeker, with less "fluff" than our other lines.  This is what gives the rope its strength and silkiness.  It allows for easier combing out with less flying fuzz, but it has less density than our Supersoft Cotton, resulting in a lighter, finer product.