Supersoft String & Rope - Natural Cotton (3 mm to 25 mm)


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Our finest Supersoft cotton string and rope in a natural ecru color.   Our single twist string comes in the following sizes:  3 mm, 5 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm and 25 mm - perfect for that brushed out, fine fringe, and so easy on the hands.  Depending on the gauge, this string is great for wall hangings, plant hangers and fringe. The thicker gauges add sumptuous texture to weavings and larger scale macrame works.  

Rope comes in five sizes:  3 mm (2-ply), 4 mm (3-ply), 5 mm (3-ply), 8 mm (3 ply), 20 mm (3 ply).  All are solid choices for creating macrame wall hangings with a little more structure than string provides. It is surprisingly easy on the hands in comparison with other twisted ropes on the market, and it unravels into beautifully wavy fringe.

The individual strands of Supersoft cotton are finer than our Raw Natural and Recycled cotton so it will expand a bit more.  Please note length is approximate and can vary depending on how tightly wound or tightly spooled the cotton is around the spool. 

Please note, slight color differences in natural cotton due to the cotton leaves being mixed in during the spinning process can occur between lots so you may wish to over estimate the amount of rope needed per project. 
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Made in Turkey  


3 mm: ~1870 ft (2 kg)

5 mm: ~1300 ft (2 kg)

9 mm: ~260 ft (2 kg)

12 mm: ~220 ft (2 kg)

25 mm: ~100 ft (2 kg)


3 mm (2-ply): ~1700 ft (4.5 lbs)

4mm (3-ply): ~1,000 ft (4.5 lbs)

5 mm (3-ply): ~650 ft (4.5 lbs)

8 mm (3 ply): ~260 ft (4.5 lbs)

20 mm XL rope: ~10 ft per order