Meridian Cotton - Electric Orchid

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Vibrant, jewel-toned pinkish purple

Our luxurious Meridian Cotton is the finest, softest, butteriest cotton out there.  These fibers will make you want to wrap yourself up in your creations!

The individual cotton fibers that comprise our Meridian Cotton rope and string are flatter and sleeker, with less "fluff" than our other lines.  This is what gives the rope its strength and silkiness.  It allows for easier combing out with less flying fuzz, but it has less density than our Supersoft Cotton, resulting in a lighter, more delicate look and feel.

3 mm (0.5 g) string:  ~450 ft 

5 mm (0.5 kg) string: ~295 ft

9 mm (0.5 kg) string: ~140 ft

4 mm 3-ply (0.5 kg) rope: ~210 ft