The Fiber Artist Podcast

Conversations with artists, makers and creatives who work with fiber as their medium, hosted by Cindy Hwang Bokser.

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The Fiber Artist Podcast: Emily Nicolaides - On her deep study into the weaving circles

The Fiber Artist Podcast: Tiffany Allen - On finding creative inspiration through nature's gifts 

The Fiber Artist Podcast: Terri Watson - On Taking it One Vertical Clove Hitch at a Time

The Fiber Artist Podcast: Ashley Thurman: Spinning, Weaving, and the Ups and Downs of Community Building


The Fiber Artist Podcast: Tammy Kanat - On continually evolving while keeping your creative voice

The Fiber Artist Podcast: Erik Bergrin - Visualizing mortality, and exploring cycles of death and rebirth through fiber

 The Fiber Artist Podcast: Demi Mixon - from geologist to full-time artist

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 The Fiber Artist Podcast: Meg Spitzer - from NYC to LA and finding her creative soul again  


 The Fiber Artist Podcast: Michelle Chesson - On building a loom and fiber business with her dad, and what's next


The Fiber Artist Podcast: Kristen Thompson - Weaves her way through the U.S. in an RV, and settles back into the stationary life

The Fiber Artist Podcast: Fanny Zedenius - On birthing books and pandemic babies, balancing motherhood and making

The Fiber Artist Podcast: Denisse M. Vera - Creates gowns for goddesses one knot at a time

The Fiber Artist Podcast: Ciara Jones - from military to making, adjusting to a whole new kind of life

The Fiber Artist Podcast: Alyssa Ki - On family, life and weekends weaving floral gardens


The Fiber Artist Podcast: Amanda Flourié - Weaves her way thru a personal journey of growth and self discovery

The Fiber Artist Podcast: Aurora Joanna - Takes a far away journey to find herself and her fiber practice


The Fiber Artist Podcast: Nosheen Iqbal - Puts corporate life behind her and pursues art full time 

The Fiber Artist Podcast: Farron Feiner - On weaving, healing from trauma and growing her fiber art practice


 The Fiber Artist Podcast: Kasha Cantillo - On the Art of Knotting in Three Dimensions, Juggling Motherhood and Art Making

The Fiber Artist Podcast: Jeremy Rise - On living fully and finding his way back to fiber

The Fiber Artist Podcast: Andeea Rae: Her story of recovery and forging fresh paths through fiber


The Fiber Artist Podcast: Ashton Zager: On weaving and writing through loss

The Fiber Artist Podcast: Mariana Baertl: On creating abstract fiber art on canvas and exploring more

The Fiber Artist Podcast: Lauren Mooney: On playing with fiber and evolving creatively

The Fiber Artist Podcast: Rachel Denbow: On exploring fiber and expanding her practice through sharing her fiber DIY knowledge

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The Fiber Artist Podcast: Jen Duffin: The story behind her fiber art, realizing her bold and joyful creative vision, and managing health and family

The Fiber Artist Podcast: Laura Bowman rediscovers her creative imperative through intricate knotted wall sculptures

The Fiber Artist Podcast: Amy Small takes a turn, from corporate fashion to artisan handspun, creating her unique yarn business, Knit Collage

The Fiber Artist Podcast: Maryanne Moodie starts a weaving revolution and spreads her love of fiber art across the globe

The Fiber Artist Podcast: London Kaye shares her story, from hopeful ballet sstar, to breaking her back, to how she found her path through crochet


The Fiber Artist Podcast: Eduardo Morales of Macrame Makers:  On all things INSTAGRAM

The Fiber Artist Podcast: Windy Chien: Her daily knotting practice, The Year of Knots, and her journey with fiber

The Fiber Artist Podcast: Lauren Williams: Her journey of becoming. Finding success and purpose through fiber art

The Fiber Artist Podcast: Alicia Scardetta: On cultivating her passion to create fiber art while balancing work and life

The Fiber Artist Podcast: Gabrielle Diamantis: On evolving and growing her fiber art practice and business

The Fiber Artist Podcast: Judit Just: on evoking joy, exploring color, and figuring out her next steps.  The artist behind all the brights.

The Fiber Artist Podcast: Mandi Smethells, on finding her voice, from weaving to rainbows

The Fiber Artist Podcast: Brydie Stewart of Mary Maker Studio shares her journey

The Fiber Artist Podcast: Growing your handmade business with Danielle Spurge of The Merriweather Council

The Fiber Artist Podcast: Get to Know Lauren and Kass Hernandez, the weaving duo behind Crossing Threads


The Fiber Artist Podcast:  Hearing all about Lindsey Campbell of Hello Hydrangea

The Fiber Artist Podcast: Getting to know Meagan Alessio


The Fiber Artist Podcast: Chatting with Ellen Bruxvoort of FIBROUS 

 The Fiber Artist Podcast: Conversation with Meghan Shimek

The Fiber Artist Podcast: Learning more about Vania Oliveira of Two Hands Textile Studio