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Don’t run out of your favorite natural colored single twist string or twisted rope, and save with these bulk pack options.

For the Mixed Supersoft Rolls, choose 3 of any type of Supersoft natural rope or string:  3 mm string, 5 mm string, 9 mm string, 12 mm string, 25 mm string, 3 mm rope, 4 mm rope, 5 mm rope, 8 mm rope.  Please indicate which 3 rolls in the notes at checkout, or send us an email to let us know your choices.

4 cones of 3 mm raw natural string:  6,400 ft

4 rolls of 5 mm raw natural string: 3,400 ft

4 rolls 7 mm raw natural string: 1,600 ft

3 rolls of 3 mm Supersoft string: 5,610 ft

3 rolls of 5 mm Supersoft string: 3,900 ft

3 rolls of 9 mm Supersoft string: 780 ft

3 rolls of 12 mm Supersoft string: 660 ft

3 rolls of Supersoft 3 mm rope (2 ply): 5,200 ft

3 rolls of Supersoft 4 mm rope (3 ply): 3,000 ft

3 rolls of Supersoft 5 mm rope (3 ply): 1,900 ft

3 spools of Supersoft 8 mm rope (3 ply): 810 ft

Please note, slight color differences in natural cotton due to the cotton leaves being mixed in during the spinning process can occur between lots so you may wish to overestimate the amount of rope needed per project.