How to Learn Macrame: Macrame Tutorials, Basic Knots, and How to Get Started

How to Learn Macrame: Macrame Tutorials, Basic Knots, and How to Get Started

Have you been noticing all the beautiful macrame wall hangings and macrame plant hangers hanging in your friends' homes and all around your favorite boho design accounts on Instagram?  Want to learn how to macrame?  Here are some resources and some common questions that will help get you started:

1. What is the best macrame cord for beginners?

I recommend my raw natural cotton 5 mm single strand macrame string for beginners to learn on.  It's less expensive than 3-strand rope of equal length; it's easy on the hands because the fiber is so soft, and it's twisted up tight enough to withstand a bit of knotting, unknotting and reknotting.  Plus, it's a nice medium thickness so you can get a good feel for the design without being overwhelmed with too much or too little fiber.

2. What are some good macrame videos to get started?

There are a lot of macrame video tutorials on YouTube and even a few HERE on my page, but where to even start?  Well, the four most basic knots you should learn are: larkshead knot, square knot, wrap/gathering knot, and double half hitch.  Click below for links to easy-to -follow video macrame knot tutorials of all four knots:

-Larkshead Knot - this is the knot most macrame artists use to attach their macrame rope to the anchor (branch or dowel) of their wall hanging

-Square Knot - this is the most important foundational knot for nearly any macrame project

-Double Half Hitch - this not is what people use to create lines, curves and diamonds in their macrame art

-Wrap/Gathering Knot - this knot is commonly used to make tassels or to secure the bottom of a macrame plant hanger just under the pot

With those three macrame knots the sky is the limit with what you can make and where you can take it.

3. What are the best macrame resources online?

Below I've linked to a few of my favorite YouTube channels and macrame classes to help you started on your macrame journey:

Hello Hydrangea - Welcome to Macrame, plus Weaving

welcome to macrame

Lindsey Campbell of Hello Hydrangea creates wonderful online classes for weaving and macrame that you can download and follow on your own time, in the comfort of your home.  And a bonus:  you can get 15% off any of her classes using the code:  NIROMA15 at checkout.

Crafty Ginger YouTube Channel

Melissa of Macrame with Melissa has a great YouTube channel called "Crafty Ginger" where she takes you from start to finish teaching you how to make a macrame plant hanger; how to make a macrame wall hanging; how to make a macrame lantern; and she even has some more advanced tutorials when you're feeling ready for the next step. 

Family Threds - Your Woven Journey

The uber talented Gaby Diamantis of Family Threds has recently released a macrame course and e-book where she takes you step-by-step, with beautiful photos and clear instruction, how to make a macrame wall hanging.  You can get 20% off this course with code: NSWOVENJOURNEY  

Macrame School YouTube Channel

This YouTube channel is great for learning knot designs and micro macrame.  They can also be applied to larger fibers so once you master the techniques, you can add them to your macrame wall hangings.

4. Find a macrame class or macrame workshop near you

Like to learn in person?  You can look for classes and workshops around you, at your local craft shop or creative space.  I have also created a global list of workshop teachers and their Instagram contact info, based on location.  Check out the blog post HERE.

5. Macrame Movement Facebook Group

Brydie Stewart of Mary Maker Studio and I co-founded the nearly 4,000 member Macrame Movement community on Facebook where members share their macrame art, ask for advice, ask questions about style, macrame techniques and tips; and encourage each other. You can ask to join HERE, but you've got to answer all the security questions in order for admin to accept your request to join.  

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What is the difference between macrame cord, macrame rope, and macrame string?

What is the difference between macrame cord, macrame rope, and macrame string?

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Find a Macrame Workshop or Macrame Class Near You

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