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23 Macrame Wedding Backdrops Available to Rent Now

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Your perfect boho wedding:  a dreamy white gown, out-of-control gorgeous free-flowing florals, the desert/forest/beach/mountain backdrop against the golden setting sun beaming through an immaculate macrame wedding arch or wedding chuppah framing you and your beloved.

Your boho wedding dreams really can come true.

I've compiled 23 macrame wedding backdrops that are available to rent now to help get you started on your wedding planning.

If you're interested, please contact the maker through Instagram.  IG names are below their photo, including where they're located and you can click on the photo to take you to their Insta. 

Many of these macrame artists will ship and also have more than one style available, or can custom make a new one for you, so be sure to ask!


IG: @robyn.parker (arizona)


@sevensummersold (texas)

IG: @rootscomacrame (california)

IG: @moonover_ (pennsylvania)

IG: @simplycrafted.macrame (tennessee)

IG: @michaelgabrielle_ (rhode island)

IG: @moss.points.north (arizona)

IG: @fiberfeels (virginia)

IG: @goodbearhandmade (philadelphia, PA)

IG: @thelittleknotshoppe (california)

IG: @hobsonhandmade (california)

IG: @macramaidenjaden (oregon)

IG: @macrame_elegance

IG: @ox.and.nag (california)

IG: @knotsbykate (maui, hawaii)

IG: @natalie_ranae (toronto, canada)

IG: @pairofknots (california)

IG: @yerbamaladesigns (florida)

IG: @mermaidmacrame.designs (new hampshire)

IG: @zigzagpdx (oregon)

IG: @bexza (atlanta, GA)

IG: @wildwomancrafts (california)